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Think of accountants and a certain image springs to mind: slow, steady and not a little dull.
Your team at Delegate is made of different stuff. We value communication and curiosity above crunching numbers.
So we've built a team that understands the importance of asking straight questions. A team that values listening, above talking.
Most of all, we've built a team that cares about your success.

Be wary of experts who claim to have an abundance of answers, usually accompanied by a high degree of certainty, without an adequate understanding of your situation.

Keith C. Cunningham'The Road Less Stupid'

A few words from Steven

I was lucky enough to work at a couple of great independent accountancy firms before starting Delegate. They cared about their clients and were committed to high standards.
But as traditional accountancy firms, their focus was firmly fixed on the numbers. They weren't structured to spend time with their clients and listen and understand what they wanted to achieve with their business.
Although they were doing all they promised, I could see some business owners needed more. Someone to hold their hand and help them to realise their potential
Of course, it's important to get the numbers right, but no one teaches you how to run a business, and it can be a lonely experience.
So I wanted to go a step further and help beyond the numbers, as much a business coach as an accountant. But to do that I realised I could only work with people I shared a connection with, people I got, and who got me.
That's what we do at Delegate and how we can help you.

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