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Your Business Edge package

When you're run off your feet it's difficult to know where to focus your efforts for the greatest returns.
This is where we can help you. Building on the Essential's package, Business Edge helps you to identify, monitor and improve the Key Performance Indicators, KPIs controlling your business success.

Helping you get there quicker!

Do you get to the end of the year wondering where the time went?Does it feel like nothing's really changed, progress was slow or even nonexistent?
You're so busy working in the business, you can't find the time or headspace to work on it?
This is the starter service for business owners fed up with treading water.


Business Edge is a flexible package. So you can choose the level of support from the services below:

  • Online Bookkeeping software

    Let us review your book-keeping software to advise you on…
    ● The right book-keeping system for your business;● The accuracy and reliability of the information produced;● How you can spend less time keeping your books;● VAT errors – before the Vatman finds them!● Specific training for book-keeping staff.

  • Company secretarial

    This package includes:
    Preparation of dividend vouchers;Submission of confirmation statement.
    Alternatively, ask us about additional support if you need it.Options include:
    Registered office facilities;Maintenance of statutory registers;Submission of statutory documents;Giving notice of General Meetings;Drafting agendas for company meetings;Preparing Minutes of Meetings;Completion of share transfer forms;Preparation of share certificates;Carrying out company searches;Acting as Company Secretary.

  • One page Benchmarking report

    This powerful one-page report will:
    ●  Compare your business to others in your sector, across 19 key performance measures●  Present those comparisons as both numbers and as colourful graphs●  Analyse where your strengths and weaknesses are compared to the rest of your industry●  Suggest an initial action plan for improving your performance in each of those key areas●  Calculate precisely how much extra in sales, profits and cash those improvements could generate for you over the next 12 months can produce
    As a result, it will help you to: Discover where to focus your efforts Create an action plan for reclaiming your missing profits Become more successful and profitable

  • Personal and business goal setting

    Setting out clear goals helps you to focus on the key areas that drive your success.
    Working together we'll set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals to help you create the business and lifestyle you want.

  • Quarterly online KPI reviews

    If you measure it, you can manage it!
    Together we'll agree on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the most important and quantifiable measures of performance to help you achieve specific objectives.
    KPIs help you to make more informed decisions about business operations and strategy.

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