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The Elevate your Business package

This package involves regular online meetings, rolling up our sleeves and working with you side by side.
It's the total service, plotting your route, and keeping you on track. This is for you if you want to make things better for your business, yourself and your family.

Better data + Better analysis = A Better Business

Would comprehensive quarterly reviews of your business' performance help you to spot opportunities and problems earlier?
Imagine the difference in your bank balance and stress levels if you had an experienced FD to bounce your concerns and ideas off.
Quarterly business reviews focus on your goals and performance. We'll discuss challenges or changes in strategy, and set an agenda for the next quarter. They're a great opportunity to course-correct and make sure that your business is on track to meet its objectives.

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Business Elevate is a flexible package. So you can choose the level of support you'd like from the services below:

  • One-Page Business Plan

    A one-page plan describes all the key factors behind a business’s success and maps them out in a logical way that mirrors the causal links between goals, success drivers and eventual results.
    it creates an early warning system by measuring and monitoring everything that is really important in the business, acting as a catalyst to identify the actions that need to be taken.
    And it does all of this on a single A4 sheet of paper!
    So it is no surprise that it is often described as “the ultimate performance management tool”.

  • Regular management accounts

    Up-to-date, relevant and regular management information gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions.We can give you the information on a monthly or quarterly basis. The service includes…
    ● Reporting on KPIs, Key Performance Indicators, the underlying drivers that run your business;● Actual performance compared to budget and/or comparative periods;● Costing information, including break-even turnover levels;● Results per product/service line;● Branch/Divisional results.

  • Regular planning and review meetings

    The original TV business troubleshooter, Sir John Harvey-Jones said the key to success is to: “Sit down on a regular basis with a numerate outsider to focus on the things that really matter”.
    As your numerate outsiders, we will sit down with you once a month or once a quarter for a BoardView meeting to help you focus on the things that really matter in your business.
    Specifically, that means that together we'll work off your One Page Plan to:●  Review the business’s performance●  Understand what is working well, and what isn’t●  Identify issues and opportunities ●  Use all the evidence, insights and analysis to make better decisions, and●  Update your action plan so the business keeps moving towards its goals

  • Your Personal Balance Sheet

    Your business is just a vehicle for you to build the lifestyle you want. Yet it takes up so much time and energy it's easy to take your eye off your personal finances.
    That's why we'll produce your personal balance sheet for you. It's a snapshot of your wealth at a particular period in time. It covers your assets (what you own), your liabilities (what you owe), and your net worth (assets minus liabilities). Leaving you with a clear picture of your personal wealth.
    It can be the eye-opener that focuses you to take action and build a brighter future.

  • Key Improvement Possibilities report

    Every year we will carry out a diagnostic review of your business and personal affairs to find new strategies that could add significant money to your business and/or personal bank accounts.
    We'll present our findings and recommendations to you in a Key Improvement Possibilities report. So you're able to refer back to, and take action on it, whenever the time is right for you.

  • Profit improvement planning

    Every 12 months, we'll sit down with you to strategically review how you can improve your business's profitability.We use a mathematically precise profit modeling technique that analyses six different “growth driver” categories.
    That model allows us to:
    ●  Review every single growth driver to see which has the greatest profit improvement potential;●  Identify breakthrough growth profit improvement strategies;●  Evaluate their likely impact;●  Create an action plan for testing the best ideas.

  • Annual 5-year trend analysis

    Some of the key areas this report will focus on include your:
    ●  Profit and loss account trends – such as your sales, margins, profit drivers, productivity, net profit and breakeven point;●  Balance sheet trends – such as liquidity, debtor days and stock turnover;●  Trends in key ratios – such as gearing and return on investment.
    The analysis is presented in plain English using colourful graphs and charts or whatever format you prefer. So you get invaluable insights into what's really happening in your business, and where you should concentrate your improvement efforts.

  • Payroll & VAT Health checks

    Even innocent mistakes in your VAT or payroll records can lead to substantial interest and penalties from HM Revenue & Customs or the Contributions Agency.
    We will provide a detailed review of your VAT and payroll records, to ensure you're complying with all the current legislation.

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